[Wednesday Wisdom] Feeling disconnected…but can’t put your finger on what that means?

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“No matter how difficult and painful it may be, nothing sounds as good to the soul as the truth.”

~ Dr. Martha Beck, sociologist, life coach, and best-selling author


A couple weeks ago, Ky Sayer, our Mindful Mondays author, and I hosted a free online meetup for our joint audiences.  

We didn’t record that session, as we wanted to protect the privacy of anyone who shared within that intimate space…

…but the feedback was so incredible that Ky and I got back together and recorded the content.  

Click HERE to tune in!

If you’re feeling disconnected…empty…lost…heavy…stuck in your head…or unfulfilled…

…or you love someone who’s going through those tough emotions…

…then take the time to listen to our conversation.

Disconnection…one of the main precursors to more serious mental health issues (like anxiety, depression, and panic)…is way too common for entrepreneurs.

(I speak from experience.)

Among so many gems in this video, you’ll discover…

…exactly what disconnection is and how it happens…

..what disconnection looks and feels like…

…what happens to our body on an energetic level when we disconnect…

…what we must do in order to feel connected..

… and 2 exercises to help you reconnect within.


=> Be sure to catch Ky’s mind-blowing meditation at minute 51:45!


Yes…this recording is about an hour, so you’ll need to give yourself the gift of a little time and space to drink it in.

I promise you’ll thank yourself you did…

…and I bet you’ll leave with a surge of energy…a feeling of centeredness…and a smile on your face to carry you through the rest of your day!

Click HERE to feel lighter, happier, and more peaceful!


With Love,


P.S. This recording is pure content.  No sales. No pitches. No opt-in required 🙂  Enjoy, from our hearts to yours!

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