Why Us

We’re passionate about helping you create AND sustain a highly profitable, low-maintenance affiliate sales channel, powered by genuine win-win relationships.

At The Net Momentum, we’re in love with affiliate marketing! We love the entrepreneurial freedom it creates; we love the people we get to know and the relationships we get to build; and we love the financial wealth it generates.

We’ve spent years in this love affair, building our rock solid reputation as the industry’s trusted authority in affiliate marketing.

By leveraging the affiliate sales channel, we help our clients make more money with less effort, and have more fun doing it.

After all, affiliate marketing is nothing more than leveraging relationships to create profitable opportunities. And as far as we’re concerned, relationships are the spice of life, while the profits just allow us to enjoy that spice with a silver spoon, rather than a plastic one!

Who We Work With

We’re picky. Integrity, honesty, goodwill, and collaboration make up the heart of our business, and we only work with clients who share these values. By doing so, we’re able to cultivate valuable long-term relationships based on trust and mutual benefit, which allows us to deliver extraordinary experiences and superlative results. In short, we do our best work when we’re collaborating with like-minded people and people we like.

Expert Solutions for You

We provide creative, sustainable revenue-generating strategies and services for web-based entrepreneurs and direct response marketers.

Just some of the ways we help grow your business include:

  • Affiliate program creation and ongoing management
  • New affiliate recruitment
  • Increasing sales from an existing affiliate base
  • Adding new customers to your list
  • Mailing list monetization and management
  • Product licensing agreements
  • Affiliate program design and management for book launches
  • High-level consulting and coaching for entrepreneurs, authors, and coaches who want to develop a successful affiliate sales channel.

Whether you’re a product creator who’d like more sales, or an affiliate who’d like to earn commissions … we’ve got what you’re looking for!

Get Sales

Are you a…

  • Beginner to intermediate marketer looking for an affordable Do-It-Yourself option to building your affiliate program?
  • Experienced to advanced marketer looking for a full service Done-For-You solution?
  • Business owner looking to build a robust in-house affiliate management team?
  • Current or aspiring affiliate manager who’d like to build high-leverage skills?

We’ve got a solution for you!
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Earn Commissions

If you’re an affiliate who likes making money by promoting good products that convert, then you’ve come to the right place!
Our white glove affiliate service will ensure that you get the tools you need fast, and that you get paid accurately and on time for your efforts.
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Our Team

Our expert Net Momentum team boasts decades of collective experience in affiliate and internet marketing. With tens of millions of sales under our belt, working with the largest product creators and affiliates in the world, we’re your ideal business partner for building a flourishing affiliate sales channel.

To learn more about our team of experts and how you can leverage our collective experience and ingenuity, visit our team page here!