Book Launches


Congratulations!  You’re getting published!  To reach the New York Times Best Seller List, you’ve got to maximize every sales channel at your disposal, and Affiliate Marketing is one of them.

The Net Momentum is the partner you need to make sure your affiliate sales are a key driver for your book’s success, and not just a “nice little bonus”.



We’ll help you:

  • Design a lucrative funnel that will bring in top dollar to both you and your affiliate partners.
  • Create an enticing affiliate program that will attract the top-tier partners you want.
  • Recruit new affiliates.
  • Manage your existing partners with our signature white-glove affiliate service (we know how long it took you to build these relationships, and we understand how important they are to you.)
  • Help you design a JV page that makes your partners say “sign me up NOW!”
  • Manage your affiliate launch
    • Create and execute a contest that generates buzz
    • Create affiliate links and send out swipe copy
    • Follow up with affiliates to ensure promotions happen
    • Keep you and your affiliate partners informed on key sales stats
    • Create and send out leaderboards and personal emails to fan the fires of competition
    • Work with your technical team to fix broken affiliate links, sales tracking issues, affiliate log-in issues, etc.
    • Create the reports you need at the end of your launch to pay your affiliates accurately and on time.
  • Manage your affiliate inbox and respond to all incoming emails.
  • And more!


Every book launch is a little different, so contact us at partnerships(at)thenetmomentum for custom package design.