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Introducing the most comprehensive, world-class affiliate management training and certification program …

American Institute of Affiliate Management

The difference between a successful and struggling affiliate program comes down to the connections, training and expertise of the affiliate managers.
Although it can take many years to develop “expert” level affiliate management status “on the job,”
there IS a way to fast-track your success.

Affiliate Managers

If you’re an affiliate manager, this means getting the training and certification you need to make yourself indispensible to the affiliate marketing industry and the product creators you represent. The higher your skill level, the more valuable you are and the more money you make.
It’s that simple.

Business Owners

If you’re a business owner, this means making sure the team members you trust to run a vital part of your business – growing your affiliate sales and nurturing those highly important affiliate relationships – have the training, finesse, and know-how to make your affiliate program flourish.

The A.I.A.M. curriculum is designed specifically for aspiring affiliate managers who want to catapult ahead of their competition, seasoned affiliate managers who want to command higher fees by delivering a higher level of service, and established business owners who are looking to build a thriving in-house affiliate management team.

With decades of combined experience in the affiliate marketing industry, thousands of offers and tens of millions of affiliate sales under our belts, we’ve got our finger on the pulse of the affiliate management space.

We work with some of the most successful internet marketers in the world, and we’ve developed some truly innovative affiliate management processes, short-cuts, and tricks along the way. Some might even call it magic.

We’re ready to share our unique affiliate management success formula with you or your team so that you, too, can profit from our wealth of knowledge and experience.

From affiliate marketing fundamentals to recruiting top-tier affiliates; from getting more sales from an existing affiliate base to list-building, nurturing and monetization; from creating long-lasting and profitable relationships to negotiating partnership agreements… by the time current and aspiring affiliate managers have completed our program they’re ready to unleash their wealth of knowledge on your business, and your bottom line. With the A.I.A.M. certification to prove it.

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