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Looking to earn serious commissions on high converting, high quality, in demand products from some of the most reputable product creators in the industry? We’ve got you covered! Below you’ll find a hand-selected sampling of some of our favorite, top performing products from our valued clients along with a few other offers we highly recommend promoting.

Why Work With Us

  • We love building relationships where profit-generating opportunities spring from a foundation of friendship!
  • We’re committed to getting to know you, and your business, so that we can help you select offers that your audience will love – bringing you top conversions and EPCs.
  • We’re committed to getting you the tools you need to run a successful promotion with minimal effort on your part.
  • And we’re committed to making sure you get paid accurately and on-time by our clients.

Simply browse the list below, and reach out to us to get started. We look forward to helping you earn MORE by promoting our featured and recommended products!

Featured Offers

Here’s just a sampling of our high performing, featured products from a few of our spectacular clients.

Affiliate Marketing MasterClass
  • 30% Commission
  • Great for online marketers or product owners
  • Teaches marketers how to leverage the power of affiliate traffic to generate a steady and lucrative sales channel
  • Affiliates usually promote via webinar, and have been earning up to $8.39 per
    Our registration page is optimized and converts visitors to registrants
    78.7% of the time.
  • We have a great retention rate throughout the entire webinar, and a very strong
    replay series that usually doubles the amount of live sales

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Wealth365 Summit

Wealth365 Summit is a six day event that takes place quarterly and brings together more than 70+ speakers, all online, to a significant domestic and international audience.

Forbes is a top sponsor, and our roster of speakers includes renowned experts like Ralph Acampora, Daniel Gramza, Larry McMillan, Jack Schwager, Jim Oberweis, Marc Chaikin, and Linda Raschke and wealth celebrities like Kevin Harrington.

Topics include all aspects of trading and investing, stocks, futures, options, Forex, Cryptocurrencies, real estate, business entrepreneurship and much more.

Speakers have earned between several hundred to thousands of leads for their promotional efforts leading to anywhere from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars in bonus ROI for the speakers based on the current price of leads at $5 – $10 a lead.

One of our new sponsors at our October 2018 event brought in 450 leads and got 140 phone numbers from just one 55 minute presentation! They were delighted with these results, as they had recently spent $10,000 sponsoring a physical show, in addition to incurring travel expenses for multiple employees.

A speaker who has been with us for the past 4 events has grossed almost $82,000 from four 55 minute presentations.

Another speaker grossed $100,000 from just two 55 minute presentations!

The accomplishments go on and on, and we’d like you to be our next success story! Ready to sponsor and/or speak? Reach out now so we can get you on the next show!

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Georgia Foster – 7 Days to Drink Less

  • 2.6% conversion rate on email traffic!
  • 65% affiliate commission
  • Hypnotherapy offer designed to help people reduce their drinking easily and
  • Great for primarily female health lists

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