Affiliate Management Service Packages

The Net Momentum offers the following Affiliate Management Service packages:

The Marketer

Do you love the money you get from monetizing your list, but hate the hassle of scheduling the emails? Do you love your JV partners, but hate keeping track of everyone’s launch dates? Could you be spending your time on more valuable tasks than chatting about email swaps? Let us take the burden off of you with our Marketer package. We’ll manage your launch calendar, schedule all of your emails, and handle the “back and forth” communication when it comes to implementing an email swap. We’ll also provide you with regular metrics and analytics on your open and click-through rates, as well as which subject lines are getting you the best results.

The Marketer Package is PERFECT for you if:

  • You love networking and staying in touch with your JV partners yourself; you just want to offload the mundane stuff.

Key Benefits:

  • Time: Free up your valuable time and spend it on higher order tasks that you actually like doing. That’s why you got into this business in the first place, right?!
  • Trust: While you may not enjoy these tasks, there’s no doubt that they are important. The money is in the list and you need to have complete trust that your lists will be handled with the utmost care and vigilance. With two well-known industry veterans behind The Net Momentum, you can rest assured that your lists are safe.


The Entrepreneur

Do you love creating products and wish you could hand off the entire affiliate management side of your business to someone else? If only you could find someone who was…

  • Outgoing and likable
  • Competent
  • Professional
  • Organized
  • An excellent communicator
  • Trustworthy
  • Reliable

Enter The Net Momentum! Let us handle the entire relationship with your affiliates: we’ll build an enticing and lucrative affiliate program around your product, including running a monthly newsletter that keeps affiliates informed on your hot offers! We recruit new affiliates, keep your offers top of mind with existing affiliates, and handle all communications during your launches, including keeping your leaderboard updated and distributing prizes at the end of the launch. We’ll also setup regular promotions for your evergreen products and we’ll represent you at the various industry events we attend.

The Entrepreneur package is PERFECT for you if:

  • You want to spend your time doing what you do best: creating great products. You recognize that building and maintaining great relationships with JV partners is key to your success, but you want someone else to handle that side of the business.

Key Benefits

  • Productivity: Imagine how much more you can get done with someone else managing your affiliate program!
  • Versatility: You’ve got talent galore, but networking and building strategic relationships aren’t where you want to use your time. Let our talented group of business development professionals add these skills to the mix to create a complete and dynamic team!


The RockStar

You’re in the big leagues. You’ve got several big JV partners, but you also have lots of affiliates who want to promote your product and just don’t know how. Not only do you need someone to manage your existing relationships and continue to recruit new JVs, you also need someone to train the army of newbies who are begging to promote your product!

In addition, because you play a big game, you like to treat your best JVs right. You love to host parties and networking dinners during industry conferences, but hate organizing these shindigs yourself. And you know how important these events are for affiliate loyalty.

Let The Net Momentum handle all of this for you! Get everything in the Entrepreneur package, plus we’ll train your new affiliates and organize the killer networking parties for your top JVs. You just show up, order a cocktail and socialize!

The RockStar package is PERFECT for you if:

  • You’ve got a big online presence and opportunity is all around you. Your issue is that there just aren’t enough hours in the day. In order to get to the next level, you need a partner who can take your affiliate program from standard to stardom.

Key Benefits

  • Sustainability: Enhance your own staying power by taking first-class care of your current top affiliates and building the skills of your up and coming mavericks.
  • Recognition: Be recognized as the powerhouse that you are – your peers will see that you’re upping your game, and you will become the vendor of choice for the best affiliates and JVs.

Combining Packages

Looking for someone to manage your emails lists and your affiliate program? Add the Marketer Package to either the Entrepreneur or the Rock Star at a discounted rate! Contact us for pricing at jv(at)