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List Management:

For direct response marketers, their email list is one of their most valuable assets. Sending out too many promotional emails to this list fatigues the list and destroys its value. Not sending enough promotions to the list leaves money on the table and does not fully monetize its value. Besides, managing the list and arranging mailings is tiresome drudgery that marketers hate to be involved in. We take over the tiresome task of list management while making sure that the list is promoted effectively to optimize returns and protect its value.

Affiliate Recruitment:

Affiliates who perform consistently and send lots of qualified traffic are the lifeblood of any direct response marketer. But where to find these high performing affiliates? That’s where we come in. With a combined experience in Internet and Direct Response Marketing of more than 25 years, The Net Momentum is uniquely equipped to recruit the best and highest performing affiliates for a variety of traffic sources whether it is email, SEO, media buying or search advertising.

Affiliate Management:

Just getting high-performing affiliates to promote your offer isn’t enough. They need to be managed on an ongoing basis to ensure that they continue to promote your product and deliver on their commitments. Successful affiliates are busy and usually are dealing with competing priorities. Sometimes affiliate’s promotions damage your brand. Our affiliate management services ensure that your offer stays ‘top of mind’ for your affiliates and their promotions are ethical, responsible and only add to the value of your brand.

Affiliate Recognition Events:

Everybody likes to be recognized and appreciated for their efforts. And affiliates are no different! The Net Momentum can organize contests and prizes for your affiliates and joint venture partners, publish leaderboard updates and organize recognition events for your top performing affiliates. All you would have to do, would be to show up to the party and socialize with your top affiliates.