Are YOU right for Underground?

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If you are still wondering if this Underground is right for you…

Let us put it to you this way…

Back in the early days of Internet Marketing, Underground was like going to college – if you went to Underground, it separated you from the jokers and the want-repreneurs.  It meant you were serious about building a real business online.  

The event became famous for bringing true “underground” digital entrepreneurs to the stage to share their multi-million dollar sales tactics with the audience.

…And that’s a tradition we’re proudly continuing with the Underground Secret Society.

Yet, at this year’s Underground, we’re pushing it a little farther

If you’re coming to Underground today, it separates you from the scammers and the kids who are just in this business for the money.  

Underground is for the adults of the industry – the true Digital Entrepreneurs; not the fly-by-night Internet Marketers.

If Underground is right for you, it means you’re out to make serious money by building a real online business that delivers incredible value to your customers…all while building a meaningful life for yourself and your loved ones, and making the world a better place in your own unique way.

And that applies to our speakers and sponsors too.

In addition to Underground Business Strategies, e-commerce, Direct Response Marketing, and YouTube advertising, you’ll be having intimate conversations with our covert ops on topics like:

  • The history and future of online marketing with industry veterans Jimmy Sweeney and Mike Dillard.
  • Creating memorable Brands, Launches, and Membership Sites with Dmitriy Kozlov & James Guldan
  • Harnessing the power of predictive social intelligence with Melinda Wittstock
  • Choosing reliable and profitable Tools, Technologies, and Automation Tactics with Brett Fogle & Daniel Miller
  • Innovative Content Marketing tricks that produce ROI like magic with Jeff Vacek

and more!

Even better, our they’ll all be giving you the goods on how you can bring in more sales using tactics that are working today.  


And the best part of all?

Not only are we bringing together exceptional entrepreneurs to share their secrets like Underground always has…

…this year we want to give you access to deeper, more meaningful conversations -we’re calling them our Underground Breakthrough Sessions- about the topics that affect YOU and your business deeply…

We’re talking live Q and A with our speaking attendees and an Underground environment that’s more intimate, up close and personal than ever before.

Of course the fun is absolutely still in the mix (You’ll enjoy connecting like never before at a networking Happy Hour with a twist, a VIP dinner opportunity, and a themed party.)

Yet at this year’s Underground, we’re focused on creating unique experiences that create genuine bonds, inspire authentic conversations, and build real relationships throughout the event.

Because honestly…

…You know it’s time for a change.

You’re done with mega-conferences and corporate events…

You need something smaller…something more intimate…something that feels exclusive, relaxed, and authentic…

…a place where you can actually get your questions answered about your business…

… and an environment that fosters real learning and genuine connections.

You need to attend the new Underground… and become part of the Underground Secret Society.

Here’s the catch:

If YOU want into this exclusive speakeasy to mix and mingle with the real deal-makers when Underground: Back in Black kicks off in gorgeous Denver, CO on Oct. 14-16th… (Just weeks from now!)

…YOU only have until MIDNIGHT, Sept. 30th to buy your Early Bird ticket to receive $1000 off the ticket price! 

Want some more excitement? You got it!

I’ve got the details on some Early Bird Bonuses that basically mean your Underground ticket pays for itself!

On top of this year’s unbelievable speakers, events, and networking opportunities, if you buy your ticket TODAY, you get these…


Incredible and Extremely Limited Early Bird Bonuses

(Only available until MIDNIGHT, September 30th, when the $1000 Early Bird discount flies the coop for good.)

Early Bird BONUS #1

The Underground Epic Vault (normally sold for $995) contains an archive of the best, most game-changing, and eternally relevant speaker presentations from Underground 1 through 10.

This stash of our most popular secret strategy presentations has been carefully curated to include all of the Underground presentations that will make you money today and none that have become outdated by our industry’s rapidly changing trends.

Imagine getting to virtually attend, (at your leisure,) every single Underground event for the past 10 years…

…This is a private treasure trove of knowledge and expertise that we’re giving away for free with your purchase of a ticket before prices go up on September 30th.

Early Bird BONUS #2

On top of that, we’re so confident that you’ll love your experience this year, that we’re willing to give you an automatic VIP upgrade (a $500 value) on your Underground 2017 standard ticket.

All you have to do is purchase a VIP ticket before the price change happens.

The Underground experience relies on the expertise and savvy of VIPs like you, and we want to reward you by bringing you back in style in 2017.

That means, if you buy a VIP Early Bird ticket today for $2,495, you basically already get your full money’s worth before the event even starts!

And even if you buy a Standard Early Bird ticket for $1,995 today, you STILL get the $1000 discount and access to the Underground Epic Vault. We’re giving you every penny of value back, just for buying your ticket today!

With this kind of value on the table, Underground tickets basically pay for themselves! You are getting DOUBLE the value for the same price!

No matter what level ticket you buy, the BEST time to buy is RIGHT NOW.

These bonuses are going away after the Early Bird discount ends at MIDNIGHT, September 30th.

Don’t miss this.

==> Get your ticket to Underground NOW



Dush and Terra Ramachandran


P.S. If you are the kind of entrepreneur who has higher standards for yourself, your business, and your life, you need to get your ticket RIGHT NOW

…so that YOU can make truly meaningful connections that will benefit your life and business for years to come!

REMEMBER: Your $1000 Early Bird Discount was only extended until September 30th! Grab yours right now!