Do It Yourself


Are you new to affiliate marketing, and trying to figure out what it takes to get affiliates to promote your product and start racking up sales?

Do you have some experience under your belt, but you still haven’t cracked the code on attracting affiliates on a large scale and you’re not yet ready to hire an affiliate management team?

Affiliate Attraction Formula is the answer you’ve been looking for!

aaf-logo-webOur affordable video course is the perfect do-it-yourself option for men and women who have recently taken the plunge into the world of affiliate marketing. You’ll get the foundation you need to grow a lasting and profitable online business.

Say goodbye to 9-5, and hello to doing what you love, when you want to do it, and from anywhere you please!

You’ll Discover….

Module 1

  • The two “make it or break it” factors in affiliate marketing – master these, and the rest is a cake-walk.
  • The differences between warm and cold traffic, and why it’s essential that you have both.
  • The key performance indicators that attract affiliates like a moth to a flame, and…
  • Which ones are under your control and which aren’t , and…
  • How to reduce the risk from the factors NOT under your control, and….
  • How to exploit the factors you DO control to skyrocket your sales.

Module 2

  • How the old adage, “give before you receive”, can help you get promotions without even asking (but only under one condition).
  • The number one thing that motivates JV partners to promote you (Hint: it’s not money).
  • The industry’s best conferences and which one(s) are right for you based on what you want to achieve.
  • How to network at conferences and other industry events – even when you don’t know anyone.
  • How an investment of $30 can bring you hundreds or even thousands of dollars of revenues.

Module 3

  • The 3 Golden Rules of paying affiliates – miss any one of these and you’ll kill your affiliate program overnight.
  • How giving away more money to your affiliates actually makes you more money.
  • The most critical relationship factor you must establish with your affiliates in order to keep them promoting your product for years to come.
  • How you can turn a dirty little industry secret into an opportunity for you.

Affiliate Attraction Formula is a set of easy-to-use techniques you need to kick your affiliate sales into high gear. By putting our formula into action, you’ll build the steady cash stream you’ve been dreaming of!

Want to do it even faster?

Don’t wait for affiliates to come to you…go out and get THEM! We’ll show you how if you pick up a copy of our second video course, Fish In a Barrel, along with Affiliate Attraction Formula.

Want to make it even easier?

You’ll also have the opportunity to get Become the Hunted – your blueprint for getting affiliates to seek YOU out! You’ll learn how to put your affiliate program on autopilot and get super affiliates knocking on your door!

Each of our video courses is sold separately so that you can get the do-it-yourself program that’s a perfect fit for you. Get everything you need, and nothing you don’t!

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